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A fantastic report at the end of the day… it means everything.

There are so many pumps that we use the [iTIG III] on and having the ability to catalogue it and document it, and archive it, and provide a fantastic report at the end of the day on each of those pieces of equipment, it means everything.
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Wayne Cass
Founder and Co-Owner
Quantum Pump and Controls

This is one of the most advanced testers in the industry.

For customers who would find it difficult to bring their equipment to our works, the iTIG III is easily transportable and versatile enough that we can take it to our client sites.
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Heanor, Derbyshire, UK

Not only is the support unmatched, so is the performance of the tester.

We have had three different brands of surge testers… The first time we were told it’s four years old, it’s obsolete. The second required shipping it back to the manufacturer. The third was an Electrom, the issue was quickly solved over the phone. 
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The service we have received from Electrom at every stage has been fantastic.

From choosing product options to purchasing the instrument and training our technicians, Electrom has been working directly with us, both on and off site, the whole way through.
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Kevin Hyler
Nordex Group, West Branch, IA

Whether onsite or in the shop our surge tester is one of our most valuable pieces of testing equipment! 

We have been impressed with the accuracy and dependability of our Electrom Instruments Inc surge tester. Not only is it a good product, but they provide the service, knowledge and support we need, when we need it!
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Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

This highly specified equipment allows us to test both AC and DC machines!

Neutronic have recently invested in the ITIG III Winding Analyzer, from Electrom Instruments Inc, also known as the most advanced motor testing system available.
A benefit of this equipment is that it is portable, therefore if we need to test onsite we can!
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Warrington, Cheshire, UK