Winding Analyzer & Surge Testers

We aim to provide you with risk free investments in surge testers and winding analyzers. This is accomplished through state of the art technology, easy to use instruments, superior customer service and lifetime support. We still support instruments made 25 years ago! Call us to get more details on our products, customer service and support programs.


Electrom Instruments iTIGII D


The iTIG II combines multiple testing technologies into a single instrument. From low to high voltage, all your tests can be completed with the push of a button. The iTIG II is available in four models depending on the users need for automation, reporting, and features. It comes in outputs from 4kV to 15kV. All models can be upgraded as your needs change, without purchasing new equipment.

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Electrom Instruments iTIGII MINI Motor Winding Analyzer


The iTIG II MINI is a small, light tester in a briefcase type enclosure, ideal for field tests of low voltage motors. Since it can be connected to the PP-II Power Pack, it can also be used to test high voltage equipment. It is an economical solution to motor testing in general.

The “MINI” uses iTIG II technology and software, and can do all the standard tests such as winding resistance, megohm, hipot, and surge comparison tests. It comes with TRPro, the same report software used by the iTIG II.

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Electrom Instruments High Voltage Power Pack

Portable Power Pack PP II

The PP II is the only truly portable 24kV and 30kV Power Pack on the market. It connects to the iTIG II, and the iTIG II MINI, with low voltage cables. Data generated by the PP-II is captured, displayed and stored in the iTIG II.

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The High Voltage series of the iTIG II comes with 24kV, 30kV and 40kV outputs. They are available in 4 models with various options and levels of automation.

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Production Line Test Automation

Electrom Instruments offers a range of systems for Production Line Test Automation (PLTA). This can simply be additional software for the iTIG II, or complex systems including resistance measurements, AC Hipot, Surge and Partial Discharge tests. Systems include automatic lead switching for automated sequences of tests.

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Why Consider Investing in an Electrom Surge Tester / Winding Analyzer?

Customer Service

We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry by offering:

  • Free lifetime application and product training and support
  • No obsolescence policies. We still repair 20 year old instruments!
  • Free software updates
  • Fast and easy maintenance

Find More Faults

State of the art technology for quality you can depend on:

  • Automated test sequencing
  • Windows based touch screen
  • Superior High Frequency 50/60Hz surge test pulses eliminate ionization dissipation and finds more faults
  • All your tests in one place

Easy To Use

According to our customers!

  • Quick Surge™ automatic surge voltage ramp and shut-off control
  • Automatic range settings for surge waveforms, no dials or buttons to push
  • % Wave difference calculation and display
  • Tests for automated models are very easy to set up
  • Most tests and measurements are done with the same output lead set

Designed To Be Upgraded

As your needs change so can your tester

  • Upgrade from one model to another
  • Upgrade features and capabilities
  • Increase output voltage as required

Durable and Portable

Designed for the shop, factory and field

  • Rugged case ready for harsh environments
  • Lightest weight in its class on the market

Flexible Reporting

Easy to use TRPro software included

  • Transfer test data to a PC with one click of a button using a wired or wireless network connection or a USB Flash Drive
  • Transfer customer and motor information from the PC to the iTIG II

Electrom has made significant investments in R&D. Read more about our technological advances




What Are You Testing For? We Have It Covered.

A full range of tests are available for complete motor/generator/coil testing.

Surge comparison tester | Hipot tester | Megohm meter | Winding resistance | Capacitance | Inductance | Impedance | Phase Angle


Test method options range from manual to fully automatic with automatic lead switching
iTIG II available output voltages: 4kV, 6kV, 12kV, 24kV, 30kV, 40kV
iTIG II 12kV available in High Output (HO) model w/ 100nF charge cap
Power Pack options: 24kV & 30kV for attachment to 12kV iTIG II’s




Failures/Test Surge DC Hipot Step Voltage IR DAR PI Low R (µΩ) Z L C Phase Angle D/Q
Weak insulation
Turn to turn, coil to coil, phase to phase
Turn to turn, coil to coil, phase to phase
Weak ground wall            
Dielectric ground strength                    
Dirty or moist windings            
Phase imbalance            
Open coils            
Reversed coils              
Motor lead connections                      
Power cable faults            



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