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We aim to provide you with risk free investments in motor testers/winding analyzers through state of the art technology, easy to use instruments, superior customer service and lifetime support for your instrument. We still support instruments made 25 years ago. Call us to get more details on our customer service and support program.



Electrom Instruments iTIGII A


Basic manual Winding Analyzer without storage or reporting capability for AC and DC motors motor and coil tests.

Electrom Instruments iTIGII B


Comes with a limited version of TRPro reporting software, mΩ resistance measurement.

Electrom Instruments iTIGII C


Has full reporting capability, individual tests that can be manual or automated, automated Step Voltage and IR tests, optional low voltage measurements including µΩ and CLZ measurements.

Electrom Instruments iTIGII D


Fully automatic high voltage tests – press start button and all selected tests will be done without operator intervention.



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Why Consider Investing in an Electrom Motor Testing/Winding Analyzer?

  •  Superior customer service and long term support program for your investment
  •  State of the art technology and products for most budgets:
    • Four models from a basic tester to a fully automatic winding analyzer; all upgradeable to any higher level model and option
  • The iTIG II Finds more faults:
    • High Frequency 50/60Hz surge test pulses eliminate ionization dissipation and find more faults than low frequency testers
  • Very easy to use according to our customers:
    • Quick Surge™ automatic surge voltage ramp and shut-off control
    • Automatic range settings for surge waveforms, no dials or buttons to push
    • % Wave Difference calculation and display
    • Tests for Automated models are very easy to set up
    • All tests and measurements are done with the same output lead set with the D model
  • Regardless of the model and option chosen you are not stuck if needs change:
    • Upgrade from one model to another and add options at any time
    • Outputs from 4kV to 30kV with a Power Pack; outputs can be upgraded and a PP added
  • Designed for the shop, factory and field use:
    • Portable rugged case designed for harsh environments
    • Lightest weight in its class on the market
    • Portable Power Pack comes in the same size case as the iTIG II, the smallest and lightest 30 kV Power Pack on the market by far
  • Easy to use TRPro report software included with all but the base model
    • Transfer test data to a PC with one click of a button using a wired or wireless network connection or a USB Flash Drive
    • Transfer customer and motor information from the PC to the iTIG II